We would like to thank you for choosing Kelsey’s as your favorite dining place. Kelsey’s is a family owned and operated restaurant and bar. Established in 1996, with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Great homemade food, fast and friendly service.
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Weekly Features




Seafood Pot Pie Teaser: This week we are pulling out all the seafood stops! We are giving it to you in ways you never knew deliciously possible! First the seafood pot pie, we call it a tease because its just perfect for an outstanding appetizer and to leave enough room for one of our tasty entree! It's perfectly put together in a slow simmered seafood broth, with an array of fish, lobster, clams, shrimps and crab. Mixed together with carrots peas, corn and of course potato. finished with a generous amount of puff pastry to soak up ever last bite. Ok ok did ya read enough, now just order the tasty little thing!




Chicken & Crab Carbonara: Who needs a trip to a fancy Italian restaurant when you can just experience the flavors of Italy right here! Mouth watering chicken cutlets sauteed with crisp pan seared bacon, garlic shallots, fresh sweet peas and last but not least succulent crab! Tossed together with a touch of heavy cream Parmesan and Italian seasonings. Placed over fresh linguine. Your taste buds will be screaming “Mama Mia!”

Shrimp & Crab Stuffed Peppers: Oh baby you read that right! Here only at Kelsey's restaurant for a limited time, savory seafood stuffed peppers. Crisp fresh green peppers stuffed with juicy chopped shrimp, succulent crab, fluffy rice and the perfect blend of seasonings. Topped with a touch of old bay and finished with a mouth watering tomato Blush sauce. Served with Italian bread…..MMMmmmm. Take a bite while they last!

Kelsey's Prime Time Fish Crisp: Get ready for a sandwich like you never had before! White meaty delicious orange roughy, coated with panko bread crumb and pan seared. Placed on a fresh Italian bread with crisp lettuce and a mouth water tomato and basil slaw. Served with fries tossed with some malt vinegar. Enjoy enjoy! I know you will!

Kelsey's Crabby Pizza: Finally! the crabby fries clashed with our mouth watering pizza to make one crazy delicious treat! our famous white pizza topped with our famous cheese sauce, delicious crab a touch of more melted cheese a sprinkle of old bay and of course a drizzle of sriachi. Come on where can you go wrong?!?!
Dig right in!

Bar Pie 8.95 Full tray 13.95

Wing of the Week:

B.L.T. Sauce: No you don;t have to look twice. We transformed every ones favorite sandwich into an insanely delicious sauce to pop on you favorite wings or bites. This one will blow you and your taste buds away!
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