We would like to thank you for choosing Kelsey’s as your favorite dining place. Kelsey’s is a family owned and operated restaurant and bar. Established in 1996, with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Great homemade food, fast and friendly service.
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Weekly Features


Cheesy Chicken Bacon N’ Corn Dip

What Came first the chicken or the corn? I say the Bacon! This week we are going to fill your belly with some outrageous cuisines! First we Have a sweet savory and smokey cheesy bacon chicken and corn dip. Topped with melted cheese baked in the oven and served with crisp Italian crustini’s. This bad boy is ridiculous!



Coffee Encrusted NY Strip

This dish isn’t just for you coffee nuts out there, this dish has so many levels of flavor! Grilled generous 12 oz. choice NY Strip steak encrusted with a sweet and smokey coffee rub, then topped with a mouth watering espresso cream sauce. You will feel like you died and went to java heaven!


Italian Rigatoni Bake

An entree that will bring out the Italian Stallion in everyone! Delicious rigatoni tossed with fresh basil tomato, a touch of cheese and pan seared ground beef. Baked in the oven and served to you with a cheesy golden brown topping. My mouth is watering just thinking about this spicy rigatoni bake!


Pacific Tuna Steak

Everyone is in for a crazy delicious treat with this one! Grilled lemon encrusted Albacore Tuna Steak, placed over an outrageous fresh squash and zucchini Julienned linguine and finished with a savory Bloody Mary tomato sauce. Each bite will make you fall in love more and more!


The Rothlesberg Tray

This pizza is inspired by the Big Ben’s Pittsburgh style burger. Our delicious white pizza topped with ground burger, seared sausage, mouth watering scrambled egg, fresh tomato, onion, American cheese and finished with fresh lettuce. Don’t worry this isn’t a New England inspired treat, it will fill your stomach up, it won’t “deflate” it! Enjoy enjoy!

Bar tray 7.95 | Full tray 12.95

Wing Sauce of the Week:

You guys are in for a treat this week, Davey boy is giving you a ” Horseradish Bacon Sauce” . Just imagine that combo and juicy golden fried wing. Oh yeah that what I’m taking about!

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