We would like to thank you for choosing Kelsey’s as your favorite dining place. Kelsey’s is a family owned and operated restaurant and bar. Established in 1996, with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Great homemade food, fast and friendly service.
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Weekly Features



App:Seafood N' Biscuits: Warning this weeks features may cause salivating and uncontrolable surge of your appetite. So get your fork and knife ready! You all heard of sausage and biscuits, well we like to toy with tradition just a bit! Homemade mouth watering biscuits topped with a savory seafood sauce packed with an array of mouth watering seafood. From sea scallops to haddock. Every bite will satisfy the next!



Smoked Bacon & Shrimp Mac N' Cheese: Ok we already know the census on our mac n' cheese. So how can we make it better? By adding bacon of course! Smoked savory bacon, tossed in our famous mac n' cheese sauce with fresh pasta. Topped with our flash fried buffalo shrimp with a drizzle of our house BBQ. Need I say more?

Kelseys Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya: With Fat Tuesday just lurking right around the corner, how could we leave New Orleans out of this lineup! Chopped fresh chicken with pan seared sausage, tossed together in a mouth watering creole mix of peppers onions and the perfect mix of bayou seasoning. Mixed together with rice and slow simmered for you to catch that mardi gras feel up here in Ashley Pa!

Carolina Pulled Pork Burrito: This one is dedicated to one of this weeks Super Bowl teams, the Carolina Panther! Slow roasted perfectly seasoned pork, shredded. Placed in a flour tortilla with seasoned white rice, homemade sweet and savory bacon baked beans, and a drizle of carolina style bbq. All wrapped up and served with a jalapeno molasses sour cream, fries and our house cole slaw. Enoy!

The Denver Omelet Tray: Well we can't forget the other Super Bowl team, the Denver Broncos! We took our famous white pizza topped it with ham, bacon, peppers, onions and fluffy perfectly cooked egg. Topped it with our delicious blend of cheese and baked in thenovenvto perfection. This tray will have your taste buds soaring a mile high!

Sauce of the Week:

San Fran Style BBQ: In our of the super bowl being hosted in california, we dedicated this sauce to it. A mouth watering BBQ with just enough sweetness and thenperfect balance of heat that will compliment any wing or bite of your choice. Now sit back take it all in and enjoy your week!

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